It’s all about the clogs! Clogs season begins and ends on the first and last day of every year when you’re a registered nurse (RN). But you don’t have to be a nurse to wear clogs. According to the Internet, clogs are in. That’s enough fact checking for me, I think it is safe to declare 2019 and all subsequent years, “the age of the contemporary clog.” All hail the mighty clog! The Shoe Smith carries Dansko, Sanita, Klogs, Keen, and Alegria brands of clogs.

What is a Clog?

Traditional wooden clog

The original clog.

•  Is it a shoe…? Yes!

•  Are clogs made out wood…? Sometimes. More often as a choice of professionals they’re made out of leathers, and/or cloth, and rubber.

•  Do you have to be a nurse to wear clogs? No, you just have to be a human being. You might find them beneficial if you have a job where you have to be on your feet all day, like if you work in a kitchen, wait tables, bartend, stock shelves, register cash, practice general doctoring (GD-ing), or house keep. Additionally, you might stand a lot if you work at a hotel, pharmacy, school, and toll booth (phantom, or otherwise).

Crash Course in Clog History

Vintage illustraition of clog and tap dancers

Clog dancing meets tap dancing.

In keeping with the tradition of presenting a partially incomplete and semi-factual history of things, clogs were originally unisex wooden shoes worn by European peasants beginning in 1300. The work boots of the working class before any of those terms were used by anyone, their clickity-clack sound was a boon to the clog dancer’s musical arsenal, and world inspire the creation of tap dancing shoes in the latter 1800s. It wouldn’t be until 1970s that they would rise from lower class status to be seen as a fashionable footwear.

Pro Clogs

Aside from the fact that they’re so gee-golly good looking, we live in an age of modern clogs that are designed with the on foot professional in mind. Not all brands meet, or even aspire to be like Dansko’s Pro XP line, Sanita’s Cabrio or Professional models. These are highly regarded for their comfort, support, slip-resistance, being easy to put on, easy to clean, and durable for foot protection.  Rocker bottoms provide fatiguing benefits for natural walking, and moisture wicking linings keep you feet dry and fresh.

Check your Feet?

Are you wearing clogs? Might I suggest scheduling an emergency visit to The Shoe Smith to do so?  It’s no secret that doctors and nurses love clogs, but maybe the rest of the world hasn’t been fully informed about how great they are.  They truly are greater than the sum of their parts, providing practical functionality while simultaneously elevating on-lookers with their inspiring colors and patterns in sometimes staid environments.


Clog brands

So many clogs, so little time.