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Why Runners Love The Shoe Smith

There are many types of runners and many types of running shoes.  They range from a runner who runs like it’s their job (and sometimes it is) and there are runners who aren’t known so much for their running, but maybe if New Year’s resolutions ever come true will be. So, You’re A Full Time Runner If you are an avid runner you might know everything there is to know about foot health and the latest and greatest in sneaker breakthroughs.   What you may not know is that Willimantic’s The Shoe Smith carries many types of running shoes (Hoka, Brooks and New Balance).  Yes, that Shoe Smith with the “Feet Hurt?” sign by the Frog Bridge.  The place that not only repairs your shoes, but also carries the latest and greatest in footwear.  Had it ever occurred to you as you glanced up at that sign with the giant foot that the very thing your feet might be hurting for is a new pair of running shoes from The (aforementioned) Shoe Smith! So, You’re Not Already Running 8 Days a Week? If there was ever a time to start running NOW is that time.  Aside from the 6 Ways Running Improves Your Health it also lets you be a part of what’s going on in your town.  Maybe you want to get into running?  Need a goal?  The Boom Box Mile is on July 4th 2019.  If that is too soon for you, or maybe too short, then you will have plenty of time to get ready for the Willimantic Frogtobergest Half Marathon and Full Marathon (13 and 26 Miles)...
Orthotics: What Are They and How They Can Help

Orthotics: What Are They and How They Can Help

If you’re suffering from foot, leg or back pain, you may need to see a medical professional but perhaps right orthotics could help manage – or maybe even fix – the pain. Whether your pain comes for arthritis, diabetes or another condition, orthotics can be a good choice. This article looks at what orthotics are, how they can help and the right types of shoes to go with them. Orthotics are specially made foot supports that can help with heel and arch pain, knee pain and lower back issues. General supports are available over the counter but specially made ones are designed to fit your feet more effectively. Orthotics are more than just a heel pad or shoe insert you can buy at most athletic stores. They’re highly customized shoe or heel inserts made for your feet. They are often one part of a treatment regimen – doctors often recommend orthotics in conjunction with these treatments, such as physical therapy. Types of Orthotics There are orthotics available for a range of foot, leg and back complaints. Here are the main types. Custom orthotics – After a consultation with a doctor or podiatrist, you may go through the process of having custom orthotics made. These are rigid and designed specifically for your feet. Most of the time, they’re used in more advanced cases to help force the foot back into the correct position. Heat-moulded orthotics – These can be less expensive than full custom orthotics but will still suit your feet and individual complaints. These typically feel like rubber even though they’re made of plastic. Insoles – These are an...