If you’re suffering from foot, leg or back pain, perhaps you have tried retail foot support inserts to ease your discomfort. If you’re like most people we see at The Shoe Smith, over-the-counter inserts bring a bit of relief, but haven’t panned out as a long-term solution.

Mass-produced insoles are less expensive and cheaper in quality.  PLUS, they have far less of a useful life!

Custom orthotics require a physical exam and digital mapping of your feet. Given this fundamental difference, custom orthotics have several strong advantages over retail inserts. As your doctor or podiatrist may have explained, custom orthotics can address the way you personally experience knee, heel or arch pain, and some lower back issues. They may also be recommended to address specific health conditions.

Hip, leg, and foot biomechanics, as well as gait, need expert analysis. Inserts created based on this expertise cannot be one-kind-fits-all.  

Special Concerns

Certain health conditions and physical needs call for precise support.

  • Athletes seek stability and balance, to promote agility, to prevent falls and hard landings, and to alleviate physical stress. Painful, high arches can factor into conditions such as runner’s knee.
  • The right orthotics can help reduce pain involving arthritis in the foot and toe joints, or metatarsalgia, usually felt at the ball of the foot.
  • Diabetic orthotics and shoes facilitate blood circulation, so they can help avert neuropathy and foot tissue damage.
  • People suffering ankle pain need a stable, supportive foundation to lessen stress on the joints.
  • Custom orthotics are vital support for people who experience the pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis.

Other conditions calling for a personalized response include shin splints, Achilles tendon pain, hammer toes, heel spurs, and bunions.

Can Orthotics Make a Difference?

If you have leg pain, a certified pedorthist can tell you if inserts, corrective shoes, or a combination are best for your situation. Orthotics can often make a difference when over-the-counter remedies fall short.

A pedorthist’s prescription draws on expert knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, hip and leg issues plus the art of crafting orthotics. A pedorthist provides a truly custom-fitted insert. This is why many podiatrists send patients to certified pedorthists, such as ours at The Shoe Smith.

Custom orthotics do an excellent job of holding your feet in place inside your shoes. Because unstable shoes counteract this benefit, we will, in most cases, recommend appropriate shoes for your orthotics. Inserts perform at their best when custom-designed for your feet and your shoes.

Amfit Orthotics Custom-Made by The Shoe Smith

We custom-craft comfortable Amfit EVA inserts for you on our premises. Amfit inserts, available as full-length or ¾-length orthotics, limit pronation and reduce the likelihood of foot injury or stress.

Computer-driven milling creates a digital replica of the soles of your feet, resulting in a pair of inserts that precisely match your prescription. Your foot pronation is also mapped, and you can test the feel and effect before it is finished. Other Amfit technology options include:

  • Amfit’s precision polypropylene orthotics — stable, extremely durable, allowing for optional heel posting.
  • Amfit’s carbon fiber orthotics include heel posting and anti-slip grips. These firm, functional inserts are perfect for business casual and dress shoes.
  • SADMERC-approved diabetic orthotics, as well as toe filler and charcot inserts. Please note that a certifying physician’s statement and prescription must be completed in advance. 

We can easily modify any Amfit orthotics we make. Your prescription can be saved and modifications are just a click away.

Other Custom Solutions at The Shoe Smith

Precision-crafted orthotics alleviate pressure and reduce inflammation. They can provide stability, lower your risk of injury, and support comfortable movement throughout the day. The Shoe Smith carries the best orthotics available, including:

  • The Birkenstock Blue Footbed. These inserts slip classic German arch support technology right into any casual or athletic shoe. Experience excellent arch and metatarsal support and heel comfort. The sides and platforms align your feet and offer anatomically optimized toe support.
  • The Powerstep line. Powerstep inserts are designed to breathe. For many people, they can relieve the pain of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, or Morton’s neuroma. ProTech Light inserts, up to 50% lighter than most orthotics, integrate light-curing composites, shaped to the wearer’s foot in minutes.

Mass-produced inserts offer some relief, for some period of time, for some people. Custom orthotics may be necessary for chronic foot pain and long-term needs. They are vital for people living with diabetes and other serious conditions.

Most important of all, custom-made orthotics address your own physical needs and offer personalized support. Thus, for many people, orthotic inserts provide just the right support, allowing the feet and lower legs to function at their personal best.

Would you like to know more? Contact us to discuss your specific needs, or ask any questions you might have. 

We’re ready to support you.