In addition to selling footwear and shoe products, the Shoe Smith has a fine repair division. Lauren Avery heads this division with her ability to bring shoes and leather products back to life. Due to the need for examination of each individual repair, shoes in need of this service should be brought directly to the Shoe Smith at 503 Main Street, Willlimantic CT, 06226.

Some of the specific shoe repairs are as follows. Repairs are not, however, limited to those listed below. Once our repair technician is given a chance to look at the item to be repaired, they will make a decision as to the work to be done and the price. When in doubt, bring it in and we’ll tell you if anything can be done.

Estimated Repair Costs
Womens Heels – $12.90

Womens Heels – $14.60

Womens Heels $17.80
(with leather repair)

Women’s Protective Soles – $19.60
(great for shoes that tend to slip around in the winter or just need a slight sole repair)

Half Soles – $39.00

Mens Heels – $21.50

Mens Protective Soles – $31.50
(great for shoes that tend to slip around in the winter, or that need a slight repair to the soles)

Mens Boot Heels – $28.50

Mens Full Soles and Heels – $67.00

Nylon Heel Savers – $4.25
(the name says it all)

Birkenstock Full Sole – $48.00

Birkenstock Foot Bed – $55.00

Vibram Soles – $48.50

Vibram Lug Full Soles – $65.55

Dance Soles – $24.00