Are you concerned about how diabetes could impact your foot health?

To help prevent foot tissue damage, diabetic orthotics play an essential role by supporting healthy blood circulation.

At The Shoe Smith, we provide and custom fit diabetic inserts for the long-term health of your legs and your feet.

Why Diabetics Should Use Molded Inserts in Shoes

Superfeet inserts perform tremendously well for Grade I and Grade II levels of diabetes. For a diabetes level of Grade III or greater, a medical professional’s prescription for custom orthotics should be used to receive the correct support for the customer’s particular situation.

Molded inserts help prevent complications, which can include:

  • Calluses, skin breakdown, and ulcerations.
  • Loss of blood circulation in the feet.
  • Possibility of needing an amputation. Fortunately, limb amputations are rare today, having decreased by more than 50% over the recent two decades, thanks to improved foot care such as the care you are seeking right now.

Custom molded orthotics are doctor-prescribed inserts, created specially for you, based on a medical examination of your feet as well as your ankles and lower legs. They will support your own foot structure and individual gait.

Our selected diabetic insert brands are excellent for keeping the gait stable and the feet protected, averting potentially non-healing conditions. These inserts also absorb shock and reduce pressure. This means they are made to help prevent fatigue and swelling in the feet and lower legs.

Top Custom Orthotics for Diabetes

Lynco custom orthotics protect and comfort feet that have been diagnosed with neuropathy. The top cover molds to fit the wearer’s feet and gait, adjusting for pressure spots for continual, maximum protection. 

Recommended for their superior performance by doctors and pedorthists, Lynco insoles are perfect for customers seeking the quality and support of custom-made, heat-molded orthotics with refreshing affordability. Lyncos are engineered for casual, sport, and dress shoes, as well as for therapeutic footwear. 

Additionally, we offer precision-made, SADMERC-approved diabetic orthotics from Amfit. We also offer toe filler inserts, as well as charcot inserts. 

We stock Kneed orthotics. We also carry Cadence moldable insoles, with their remarkable combination of support, comfort, and lasting value for money.

We’re Here to Help

We custom-craft diabetic inserts for you right here in our store. The results will be an exact match for your prescription, as our modern process creates a digital replica of your feet. You can even try out the effect before your pair is finished.

Then, we save your prescription, so any update can be easily applied.

Be sure to keep regular appointments with your specialist, have your certifying physician’s statement and prescription ready, and we’ll guide you through the rest.

We’ll work with you to choose the best moldable inserts for their ability to ease and eliminate rubbing and pressure, and offer constant comfort and protection.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to supporting the most important thing in the world: your quality of life. We are here to help you avoid future foot problems, alleviate your present discomfort, and experience life with optimal enjoyment.   

Would you like to know more? Contact us to discuss your specific needs, or ask any questions you might have. As always, The Shoe Smith is here to support you.