There are many types of runners and many types of running shoes.  They range from a runner who runs like it’s their job (and sometimes it is); and there are runners who aren’t known so much for their running, but maybe if New Year’s resolutions ever come true will be.

1996 Olympics Michael Johnson Wheaties

This guy has a job to do.

So, You’re A Full Time Runner

If you are an avid runner you might know everything there is to know about foot health, and the latest and greatest in sneaker breakthroughs.  What you may not know, is that Willimantic’s The Shoe Smith carries many types of running shoes (Hoka, Brooks and New Balance).  Yes, that Shoe Smith with the “Feet Hurt?” sign by the Frog Bridge.  The place that not only repairs your shoes, but also carries the latest and greatest in footwear.  Had it ever occurred to you as you glanced up at that sign with the giant foot, that the very thing your feet might be hurting for is a new pair of running shoes from The (aforementioned) Shoe Smith?!

So, You’re Not Already Running 8 Days a Week?

If there was ever a time to start running, NOW is that time.  Aside from the 6 Ways Running Improves Your Health it also lets you be a part of what’s going on in your town.  Maybe you want to get into running?  Need a goal?  The Boom Box Mile is on July 4th 2019.  If that is too soon for you, or maybe too short, then you will have plenty of time to get ready for the Willimantic Frogtobergest Half Marathon and Full Marathon (13 and 26 Miles) on October 5th 2019.  And if that’s too long for you and/or not cold enough then there is Romantic Willimantic’s Cupid Made Me Do It! – 2 Mile Road Race on February 8th 2020.  Beyond the events, is the community connection and meeting of like-minded people which leads to more running.

Events aside, maybe you just want to run.  Running the Airline Trail is one way to see things you would never see while driving with the added benefit of not having to worry about other drivers.  There are plenty of local places that other people have found suitable for running and that go beyond Willimantic.

Forest Gump " I just felt like running."

The best parts of Forrest Gump were the running.

The Shoe Smith Knows Running Shoes

Come in to find the shoe that fits you.  Our shoe experts can recommend shoe brands and sizes based on your length, width, arch length, and navicular arch measurement.  Not all feet are the same, and not all shoes are the same.  Some feet need more arch support, while others need more width.  On top of that we also have an Aetrex foot scanner that is capable of precise foot measurements allowing us to make informed decisions about what shoes are right for you.  Also, we can determine whether custom orthotic inserts would be a beneficial upgrade for feet that don’t always fit the mold of the average shoe.  Why waste time randomly trying on shoes when you have the knowledge of shoe experts in your presence.

Aetrex foot scanner samples

Futuristic foot scanning technology … TODAY!

On average you can expect 300-500 miles out of a running shoe before it starts to break down, often starting from the midsole and then moving outward.  A minimalist shoe will wear out sooner and a shoe with high cushioning will get you more range.  If you’re running a marathon on pavement you might want a top of the line shoe with high cushioning, but if you’re casually running on trails you might prefer a lighter weight shoe that feels more natural.  Long story short, here’s a guide on understanding the different types of running shoes.

Whether you’re running on the road or the trail, as a lone wolf or in a pack.  Charge your fitness tracker and start running.  And when you’re around the Frog Bridge, stop by The Shoe Smith… ’cause runners love The Shoe Smith and The Shoe Smith loves them back.

The Shoe Smith at 503 Main St.

The Shoe Smith at 503 Main St.